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Video On The GSU Philosophy Major

Mentoring and collaborating with students is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job.  Below I list the MA students I have advised or co-advised at GSU, plus those whose PhD committees I served on at FSU.  (I list further info if I have it.)
* co-author on one or more paper with me.
  • Bobby Bingle (2016; PhD student at Duke)
  • Gerald Taylor (2015; PhD student at Georgetown)
  • Jessi Green (2015; PhD student in neuroscience at GSU)
  • Jay Spitzley (2015; PhD student at FSU)
  • Nathan Houck (2015; MS student in clinical and counseling psychology)
  • David DiDomenico (2014; PhD student at Miami)
  • Morgan Thompson* (2013; PhD student at Univ. of Pittsburgh HPS)
  • Toni Adelberg* (2013; former PhD student at UCSD)
  • Nick Roberson (2013)
  • Sam Sims* (2013; PhD Student at FSU)
  • Shawn Murphy (2012)
  • Noel Martin (2012; PhD student at UCSD)
  • Shane Reuter* (2012; PhD student at WashU PNP)
  • Kyle Walker (2012; think tank in Washington)
  • Jason Shepard* (2011; PhD student in psychology at Emory)
  • Maria Montello (2011; teaching program in Cambodia)
  • Tracy van Wagner (2011; PhD student at Cincinnati)
  • Reuben Stern (2011; PhD student at Wisconsin)
  • Dylan Murray* (2010; PhD student at UC Berkeley)
  • J. Aaron Brown (2010)
  • Bradley Taber-Thomas (2008; PhD in neuroscience at Iowa, post-doc at Penn State)
  • E. Ben Kelsey (2008; PhD student at FSU)
  • Jimmy Vaught (2008; PhD student at St. Louis)
  • Brandie Bedard-Martinez (2008; GSU law school)
  • D. Justin Coates* (2007; PhD at UC-Riverside, now asst. prof at Houston)
  • Trevor Kvaran* (2007; PhD in psychology at Arizona)
  • Bryan Miller (2007; PhD at Johns Hopkins)
  • Jessica Owensby-Sandifer (2006; lead programmer Home Depot Atlanta)
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